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The new trend conference of Internet + intelligent transportation in 2019 has come to a successful conclusion

The new trend conference of Internet + intelligent transportation in 2019 has come to a successful conclusion

On April 10, with "Internet +, the new definition of intelligent transportation" as the theme of the 2019 Internet + the new trend of intelligent transportation meeting held in xi 'an qujiang international exhibition center, from the experts in the field of traffic and the entrepreneur condensing intellectual cohesion, to discuss and share "Internet +, the new definition of intelligent transportation", helping xian intelligent transportation development.

At the meeting, Mr. Zhao xiangmo, vice President of traffic engineering and informatization branch of China highway society and vice President of chang 'an university gave a keynote speech titled "intelligent network traffic system driven by automatic driving". Mr. Zhai changwei, general manager of xi 'an public transport corporation, Shared the keynote speech of "bus cloud construction based on big data". Yang yongping, President of eou automobile, delivered the keynote speech of "the era of navigation in the era of technology travel driven by intelligence". Liang haichen, deputy general manager of shouqi group, Shared the keynote speech of "experience and innovation of intelligent transportation participants -- enhancing the bilateral experience of passenger and company by means of science and technology". Zhang chao, senior vice President of mobike, delivered the keynote speech of "mobike makes travel better". Xu peichuan, head of user development department of nextev, delivered the keynote speech of "new ecology of automobile enterprises based on user service and artificial intelligence". Professor wang yuanqing from the institute of traffic engineering, college of highway engineering, chang 'an university Shared the keynote speech of "intelligent road direction and key technology analysis". Liu peng, senior vice President of aipai, delivered the keynote speech "AIpark opens the era of intelligent transportation (static) 5.0". The wonderful speeches of the guests won warm applause from the attendees.

"Our aim is to make public transport accessible to everyone." With the development of the Internet, citizens need more information to meet the requirements of travel, said zhai changwei, general manager of xi 'an public transport corporation. At present, the municipal public transport corporation operates 281 routes, with a total length of 5148.2 km, 8,386 vehicles and an annual passenger volume of 1.302 billion. Xi 'an bus line coverage, vehicle comfort, environmental protection are among the best in the country.

At present, xi 'an bus has realized intelligent scheduling of bus vehicles, real-time release of bus information, mobile phone scanning code payment and other functions through Internet technology. To provide citizens with more "comfortable, convenient and green, safety, wisdom," the bus service, the efforts to build an "bus" cloud, public corporation will take advantage of the real-time data resources, urban public transportation based on big data and cloud computing, artificial intelligence technology, a comprehensive analysis of public transit network and the carrying capacity of passenger flow, adjust line network, vehicle configuration, precise scheduling, safety, such as global optimization, implementation of a new generation of intelligent public transport perceived, operation, management, and comprehensively improve the quality of public transit.

"When the bus cloud is completed, it will form a unified platform integrating production management, public services and government supervision." Zhai said that in the future, citizens can use their mobile phones at home to check how long they want to take the bus to the station or make a bus reservation, to the station to see the electronic station signs can be informed of the compartment congestion. Get on the car through brush face to wait for many means to be able to complete pay. Through the "bus cloud", the regulatory authorities can realize the collection, analysis and summary of various indicators such as personnel, vehicles, routes, cost accounting and energy emission of public transport enterprises. With the continuous improvement of xi 'an city management informatization and digitalization, "bus cloud" will also be integrated into the entire smart city construction, contributing to the smart transportation construction and urban development of xi 'an.

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