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Reform and innovation, AI empowering smart hospital construction, the fourth China smart hospital construction conference successfully held!

  On November 19-20, 2019, the '2019 fourth China smart hospital construction conference and Exhibition' co sponsored by China Information Association medical and health industry branch and Corey exhibition was successfully held in Panyu Hotel, Guangzhou. The theme of this conference is 'reform and innovation, smart enabling health', the modernization of medical and health services driven by information technology is the main line, and the goal is to build an information-based medical and health industry, so as to enhance the development capacity of the information-based medical and health industry and improve the overall service efficiency of the hospital.


  At the conference, more than 20 industry leaders / experts were invited, including Song Xin, President of China information society, medical and health industry branch, Li Yanbo, Secretary General of the maternal and child health big data and artificial intelligence professional committee, Lu guomi, director of China health information and health medical big data society, Xu Kecheng, honorary president of Fuda Cancer Hospital Affiliated to Jinan University Outstanding entrepreneurs from the hospital's information construction, electronic medical records, tele consultation, to cloud hospitals, Internet + hospitals, and then to the application of 5G technology in hospitals, focusing on the 'Internet plus medical health' policy, the top-level planning of smart hospitals, the development strategy and thinking of hospitals in the context of block chain, 'artificial intelligence + medical' new mode, health care big data. Excellent theme sharing and round table discussion on architecture and application innovation.


  At the beginning of the meeting, Song Xin, President of the medical and health industry branch of China Information Association, delivered a speech, stressing the importance of smart hospital construction for hospitals and patients. The construction of smart hospital should focus on three areas: the first area is 'smart medical treatment' for medical staff, and the construction of informatization with electronic medical record as the core; the second area is 'smart service' for patients, including mobile phone settlement, appointment registration, appointment diagnosis and treatment, information reminder and derivative services, so as to make patients feel more convenient and convenient The third area is 'smart management' for hospital management, which is used for the hospital's refined information management.


  President Song Xin delivers a speech


  Li Yanbo, director of the Secretariat of the maternal and child health big data and Artificial Intelligence Professional Committee of China maternal and Child Health Association, first delivered a keynote speech on the construction and development of smart women and children. He believed that the overall development level of smart women and children construction is still at the primary stage, the standardization and standardization of smart women and children are not fully developed, and the regional development of smart women and children is unbalanced 。


  Director Li stressed that the construction of smart women and children should recognize the current form, strengthen the top-level design and lay a solid foundation at the grass-roots level, and focus on the construction of regional MCH information platform, urban MCH consortia and county MCH community information platform; MCH institutions should carefully plan and distribute based on the grading evaluation standard of electronic medical records and smart services in combination with their own reality Bureau and upgrade; do a good job in telemedicine, install some decision support systems to assist doctors in diagnosis and treatment, and help grassroots women and children improve their diagnosis and treatment service capabilities.


  Li Qingfeng, vice president of Guangzhou Women's and children's Medical Center, shared the construction and operation of smart hospital. According to Li Qingfeng, vice president of Guangzhou Women's and children's medical center takes the closed-loop as the core in the construction of smart medical care, and establishes a continuous data quality improvement system: Pharmaceutical closed-loop management, medical closed-loop management, nursing closed-loop management and management closed-loop management, involving outpatient oral prescription drugs 32 Medical closed-loops, including drug purchase, surgical patient handover closed-loop, and 9 management closed-loop, including budget management closed-loop and logistics management (including high-value consumables).


  Guangzhou Women's and children's Medical Center has integrated electronic medical records of outpatient, inpatient and emergency doctors, historical medical records and external hospital medical records to realize the integration of electronic medical records. In the specialty system, the obstetric patients can complete self-service filing through wechat and mobile app. After the nurse's review, the doctor can simultaneously check the patient's information, reduce the second entry of doctors and nurses, and solve the problem of paper pregnant women's large card. At the same time, the system automatically calculates the patient's delivery inspection time and establishes a follow-up visit. In the critical system, the doctor makes the corresponding critical evaluation, when the score exceeds the normal value The critical system will actively remind doctors and nurses that they need to do some follow-up work.


  Vice President Li Qingfeng delivered a keynote speech


  Yang Lixin, Secretary of the Party committee and President of the first people's Hospital of Huainan City, Anhui Province, shared the theme of 'smart hospital promotes public hospital reform and hospital culture construction'. He mentioned that smart ultrasonic remote consultation platform can help solve the problems of lack of ultrasonic medical students in the first and second level hospitals of Huainan City and the urgent need to improve their technical level, so as to help the future medical interconnection and intellectualization 。


  On June 18, 2019, relying on this set of equipment and 5g wireless network provided by China Unicom and Huawei, Anhui Huainan No.1 People's hospital provided 5g + remote guidance for a laparoscopic cholecystectomy in Fengtai County People's hospital. The image was clearly put on the large screen, and the whole process was smooth in audio and video, high-definition and stable in image, no visible card and time delay, which promoted the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system The innovation and implementation of the system have produced very good social benefits.


  President Yang Lixin delivers keynote speech


Liu Lei, the party secretary and President of the third people's Hospital of Shenzhen, shared the experience of information construction of infectious diseases hospital. He believed that in the future, more than 90% of the applications and data running on the Internet + infectious diseases cloud should be opened to more institutions, cooperative units and even individuals through the Internet + mode under the premise of applying the necessary information security technology and means. Networking + huge advantages, truly realize the co construction, sharing and win-win situation.

In April 2nd of this year, the third people's Hospital of Shenzhen signed a three party cooperation agreement with 5G and HUAWEI technology, entitled "5G intelligent medical treatment". The 5G technology was used to build Internet + infectious disease cloud network service system and smart hospital project officially launched.

Yan Jingdong, director of the Information Department of Southern Hospital of Southern Medical University, brought the theme sharing of innovative service enabling medicine. He mentioned that at present, southern hospital has built a unified "hospital information platform based on electronic medical records", realized the standardization of data resources, the integration of different business systems based on ESB, supported the construction of data center, and provided strong support for medical education and research. Southern hospital unified identity authentication login, through the order tab of the patient hologram, closed-loop display of the patient's medication, examination, inspection and other related orders, based on the integrated platform CDR record the patient's complete medical track.

In the round table forum, Yang Lixin, Secretary of the Party committee and President of the first people's Hospital of Huainan City, Anhui Province, Xu Lei, chief accountant of Jiangxi Children's Hospital, Li Qingfeng, vice president of Guangzhou Women's and children's Medical Center, Lian Wanmin, director of the Information Department of the second people's Hospital of Guangdong Province, Song Wei, director of the American food system business department, and Lin Gang, chairman and CEO of Shenzhen medical communication, carried out the theme of "artificial intelligence" Help the construction of smart hospital "roundtable discussion, explore how artificial intelligence technology can enable the construction of smart hospital.


Round table discussion: AI helps the construction of smart hospital

Huang Yucheng, director of big data management center of Xiangya Hospital, Central South University, Ma liming, director of information center of Foshan maternal and child health hospital, Li tiyuan, director of Information Department of Shenzhen People's Hospital, Jenny Shao, director of united family medical information system, and Yu Haibao, general manager of Guangdong Juhai Technology Co., Ltd., launched wonderful discussions on "perfect integration of smart hospital and Internet of things". Smart medicine The construction of the Institute is inseparable from the support of Internet of things products.


Round table discussion: perfect integration of smart hospital and Internet of things

During the meeting, relevant leaders from dozens of well-known hospitals, including Guangdong People's Hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, the First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University, and senior executives of many enterprises, such as pharmacy network, participated in the sharing and talked about the digital transformation route - the new era of smart hospital.

On March 5 this year, the national health and Construction Commission issued the "hospital intelligent service grading evaluation standard system (Trial)". With the improvement of relevant policies for the construction of smart hospitals and the active promotion of relevant experts / industry personages, smart hospitals will speed up the "national health".

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